Windswept at Discovery Park.

Nicole, Travis and I had a super fun time during their windy Spring engagement shoot at Discovery Park.  We started at the Lighthouse, took a walk on the beach, rolled around in the grass between some World War II barracks and even found an old porch to sit on.

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These two are super cute and really something.  When we first met, Nicole told me that she’s not photogenic and that Travis squints his eyes too much.  So, I took that as a challenge to prove to them that they just needed the right photographer to “see” their beautiful, funny, loving, amorous and cuddly selves.

Travis is an electrician with beautiful hands, he’s got a few callouses in all the right places, but they are strong and he loves to hold Nicole nice and close to his heart.  He is such a teddy bear and his every glance is a poetic gesture of his love for her.  He adores Nicole and it shows in all of the photos.  The way he caresses her cheek, hold her hand and smiles when she is in his arms.  He loves her and he knows that she loves him.

Nicole is a little spitfire.  She’s a professional nanny who just loves kids and she exudes a zest for life that is intoxicating. She reminds me of Reese Witherspoon’s characters; petite, strong and wonderful.  Nicole absolutely melts when Travis hugs her because she’s totally enveloped by his warmth and gentle spirit.

Nicole has a beautiful neckline which was accented by her long  hair when the breeze would catch it and play with the tendrils like leaves in the wind.  She had a wonderful manicure which made her delicate hands look gorgeous for showing off her amazing ring the Travis found at Ben Bridge.  You did good Travis!!!

It’s funny how we are all so afraid of what the camera will reveal, but for these two.  All that I could see was the love and affection that Nicole and Travis have for one another and that was truly special.

Thanks for letting me tag along during your walk in the park, can’t wait to create some beautiful memories of your wedding!!!


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