Getting Started: Fit and fabulous with Style!

pexels-photo.jpgI don’t know how you are feeling, but I don’t like starting new fitness routines because it’s not a routine yet.  So, I have devised ways of getting myself into the mood to work.

#1.  Look good.  I always like to look my best and going the gym should be no exception.  So, put on your best workout attire, some mascara and put your hair in a nice upsweep for a feminine tough.  That way when you are sweatin’ to the oldies, you’ll look great!

#2. Reward yourself for getting started.  Go out and give yourself a little indulgence to perk you up for the hard work that you will be putting yourself through.  I once knew a woman who bought herself a brand new Mazda Miata as her commitment to losing 150 pounds.  As she lost the weight she felt more comfortable in her car.  I won’t go that extreme so, I decided to get a set of acrylic nails.  They look great when I wrap them around a 10 pound dumb bell to do 15 reps in front of the mirror.

#3. Develop a reinforced habit.  After every workout I head to the coffee shop for a beverage to reward myself for taking care of my fitness requirements and you know what?  Whenever I drive past the cafe during the day on my way to pick up the kids to and from school, I’m reminded to go to the gym the next day.  It’s a stimulus that is helping to establish my fitness routine.

Today is a great time to get fit and fabulous and it’s always a little bit easier if you do it with style and reward yourself daily!  I’ll see you at gym!


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